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"I think I have heavy metal poisoning?"

ZocdocAnswersI think I have heavy metal poisoning?


What kind of doctor should I see for heavy metal blood work?


Heavy metal poisoning is a rare but serious concern. I would recommend that you first see your primary care doctor. He or she can start the evaluation with blood tests for common heavy metals. If positive, there are specific doctors known as toxicologists that can be helpful. That being said, any primary doctor can start the evaluation with blood tests. Heavy metal poisoning is a broad group of conditions that are grouped together. Heavy metals have various definitions, but the most common that effect humans are lead, mercury, copper and zinc. An accumulation of any of these can cause symptoms. That being said, excess lead is different then excess mercury. I would recommend that you look up or discuss with your doctor what each specific metal's poisoning can cause. This will help you narrow which blood test you need. It is also important to think about what is causing your excess of this substance. Does your apartment have old lead paint? Is there mercury in your soil? Heavy metal poisoning is rare. The symptoms of this are similar (in early stages) to many other conditions that are far more common. It is important to specifically have symptoms unique to this metals excess (the specific "toxidrome"). Talk to your doctor.

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