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"How can I get rid of my back pain"


I hurt my back around two months ago, i was shoveling snow and was in a hurry, since then it has been in pain on again and off again. the worst part seems to be when im in my car or at my desk, and get up. Is there something wrong with the way I'm sitting, or is it just the lack of movement? Im in otherwise good health, is there a way to help it heal or get rid of the pain?


Low back pain affects many American every year, and there is a variety of underlying causes for the symptoms that you may be having. The complete differential diagnosis is beyond the scope of this discussion, but it is important that you be evaluated by your primary care doctor, because he or she will be able to best evaluate your medical history, and presenting symptoms and decide upon the appropriate work up. This may include labs tests and imaging studies, or they may decide that you be evaluated by a specialist.

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There are certain medications to help with the pain and they may or may not decide that those would be appropriate to help with your symptoms. Sometimes your symptoms will improve with time, but some pathologies in the lower back, such as herniated discs and certain fractures, may require further evaluation by a surgeon. Ice, heat, stretching exercises if done in a reasonable manner are all possible ways to improve your symptoms, but again, it is important that you are evaluated by your primary care doctor who will be able to rule out some of the more concerning diagnoses and decide upon the appropriate medical work up, if deemed necessary.

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