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"Why do I have a pain in my only one of my arch's when I wear certain shoes?"


I'm a eighteen year old student, and I have been having a pain in my arch for a couple years and I don't know why. I usually have the pain when I wear my converse sneakers, but I've asked around and have yet to find someone with the same problem. It prevents me from working out, because my arch will hurt so badly.


This is actually a much more common problem than you probably realize. I think that you may have one of two problems that should be sorted out by a physician. The best type of doctor for you to see is a podiatrist (foot specialist).

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The first possibility is that you have a reduced arch in your foot, also known as flat feet. Patients with flat feet (such as myself) require arch replacements inserted into their shoes (also called orthotics). These supports reduce the stress on the arch of the foot which in tern reduces the pain. Most people report great results with relief within a few days of getting used to the arches. Another possibility is that you have developed plantar fasciitis. This is an inflammation of the foot arch due to over use. It results in foot pain that is worse in the morning. It is most often treated with ice, stretching exercises, and anti-inflammatory drugs. I suggest that you schedule a visit with a podiatrist. After performing a thorough exam of your feet, the podiatrist can fit you for custom orthotics (if they are warranted). I think you'll leave the office with a good plan on how to relieve this pain.

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