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"Is taking a combination of vitamins and supplements daily an unhealthy practice?"

ZocdocAnswersIs taking a combination of vitamins and supplements daily an unhealthy practice?


I am a 20 woman with no extreme health conditions. I have been taking a combination of MSM, Biotin, DHA, and Acetyl L-Carnitine supplements regularly in addition to a daily Women's multivitamin. I occasionally take Ibuprofen for cramps. I recently began to wonder if this combination will have any negative effects on my health, or if my body could possibly become dependent upon them with further use.


Vitamins are a very important part of our overall health and nutrition. It is well known that vitamin deficiencies can be the cause of many diseases. However, vitamin toxicity is a phenomenon that can occur when people over use vitamin supplements. This is especially true for vitamins A, D, and E. I would imagine that you probably are not at toxic levels for these vitamins, but you are probably have more than enough. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician (such as a family doctor). Make sure to bring with you all of the supplements you are taking including vitamins and herbs (if any). He or she can go through them closely and calculate the amount of vitamins you are likely ingesting through pills and food. I am quite confident that you will have adequate amounts of all of the vitamins you mentioned in your question (unless you have some other condition that requires high dose vitamins). The only unknown is if you are nearing dangerous levels of any of them. In the mean time to be safe, I would suggest stopping any supplementation that was not prescribed by a doctor until you speak to your primary care physician. Good luck.

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