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"How do I get rid of a fungal infection in my nose?"


I am a 38 year old male who underwent sinus surgery in September of 2010. My blockages have cleared up for the most part, but I was diagnosed with a fungal infection in my right nostril. My doctor put me on a nasal nebulizer, but after the medicaiton was completed, it came back. What can I do to get rid of this?


First, keep going to your regular check-ups with your Otolaryngologist (the doctor name for Ear-Nose-and-Throat surgeons) or rhinologist (a subspecialist in ENT that focuses on sinus issues). No internet information will ever replace the "hands-on" physical examination and personal information that a physician can give and get directly. Continue to follow his or her recommendations.

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Second, fungal infections can be very difficult to treat, especially in those who are immuno-compromised (including, and perhaps especially, in diabetics). While you don't mention anything about your previous medical history except that surgery in September, other diseases and the course of previous infections would be invaluable in advising you toward proper therapy. As nasal fungal infections can be very difficult to clear, the optimal medications and treatments will be arranged and followed closely by your doctor. At times, the treatment will include systemic antifungal medications, possibly even including some that have other side effects. For some people with severe infections or other concerning features, their physicians will choose to hospitalize them until the infection has stabilized or resolved. Finally, there is a subset of patients who will require a return trip to the operating room to treat the underlying infection. Follow closely with your doctor, and make him or her aware of any changes in the appearance of your nose, any change in the discharge, and any other new symptoms (such as changes in smell, headaches, vision changes, etc). Some patients will do well with conservative treatments including saline irrigation, but others will have a different course. Direct contact with the surgeon who did the sinus surgery will ensure that you have the optimal outcome.

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