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"Should my son be recircumcized?"


My son is 20 months old. Our doctor highly recommends having his circumcission redone. We went to see a specialist. He said it was our personal decision. The peditrician says, his circumcission is "stuck" and it could cause pain during intercourse when he is older. Is this true? Is there a medical advantage of having this redone.


Circumcision is a process by which the foreskin of the penis is removed. This is a fairly common process which is done for a number of reasons. These reasons include religious and cultural.

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That being said, there is no medical reason for having a circumcision. While there is some minor data that circumcised males have a lower incidence of HIV transmission and lower incidence of squamous cell cancer of the penis, these a medically negligible problems. As such, we say you do not need to have a circumcision for medical reasons. However an incomplete circumcision can cause problems. It is possible that the altered anatomy could cause problems. Without an examination it is hard to say. Overall, it is unlikely that your son medically needs the circumcision. However, if you have chosen to circumcise your son, then it is possible that a repeat procedure is necessary. I would discuss this with your specialist.

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