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"Can black mold cause a person to become infertile?"

ZocdocAnswersCan black mold cause a person to become infertile?


Well, I am a 21 year old female, and I have been trying to get pregnant for two years now. I just can not seem to get pregnant. I know it is not my husband because he has children by his ex-wife. For years as a child, probably about 9 years, I lived in a mobile home that was found to have black mold growing in the ceiling. Once my mother found out, we moved immediately, however, I am wondering if it was too late, and it affected my reproductive capabilities.


It sounds like you and your husband need an evaluation for infertility. Most OBGYN fertility specialists want their patients to have at least 12 months of unprotected regular sex without pregnancy before an evaluation can be pursed. If you have been trying for 2 years unsuccessfully, then you qualify. About 2/3 of these cases turn out to be a female problem and 1/3 a male problem. Your husband should be evaluated as well even though he has had children in the past. If your husband ends up having a normal sperm and a normal count, then an evaluation of you can begin. Black mold has not been shown to be a cause of infertility. 3 of the most common causes of female infertility are 1. Endometriosis (should be considered if you have really painful periods), 2. History of pelvic inflammatory disease (should be considered if you every had Chlamydia or gonorrhea, 3. Polycystic ovarian syndrome (should be considered if you have irregular periods, diabetes, or you are overweight). I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your OBGYN. He or she can take a detailed sexual history and perform a pelvic exam. From there, your work up can begin. Hopefully, you can either get pregnant soon, or figure out if there is a problem that can be fixed.

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