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"What is causing my first joint in my second toe to hurt and what can I do to make it better?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is causing my first joint in my second toe to hurt and what can I do to make it better?


I have been having swelling in that foot for some time and wore overly tight shoes one time. Since then, I have had pain on my second toe of my left foot. The pain seems to be in the first joint of that toe. It comes and goes and there does seem to be minimal redness but no swelling. It feels worse when I am walking. I would like to get rid of the pain in my toe. Do you have any ideas how I can do it? I don't have insurance and am wanting know what I can do at home to relieve the problem.


That is a great question. There are many causes for joint aches and pains, the overall list is beyond the scope of this discussion. Based on your description, there are some things that are very possible to consider. It is not described, but have you had any recent trauma to your foot or ulcers that you have noticed? Diabetics can develop numbness in their feet and foot ulcers which they don't even realize. In these situations, it is important to evaluate your feet on a daily basis to ensure there has not been any open wounds on your feet. Other inflammatory issues that could cause you to have this pain include gout and pseudogout. You can consider trying ice packs or heating pads on your foot to alleviate some of the pain you are experiencing. You may consider a trial of nsaids, pain control medication, and physical therapy. Foot massage may also help. Of course, it is difficult to properly evaluate you over the internet. Your primary care doctor will best be able to decide upon the appropriate medical work up based upon your medical history and clinical presentation. They may decide to perform some imaging studies or refer you to a specialist. Depending on the results of the work up, they may decide to treat you if deemed medically appropriate.

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