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"Why do I urinate so often?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I urinate so often?


I am a 19 year old, female that has been experiencing this problem for many years. I had many tests run and it shows that my bladder is emptying correctly. I cut back on fluids especially at night. This is still a recurring problem and it is beginning to affect my sleeping patterns. The doctors have told me its not an overactive bladder, but they are not sure of the problem. Do you know what could be the cause, or if there are any home remedies that I can try?


A urologist is the type of doctor that specializes in urinary problems; a gynecologist may also be helpful in your case, depending on whether you also have other symptoms that I will discuss below. Frequent urination is called "polyuria," and many medical problems can lead to polyuria. Given that you have had polyuria for so long, you probably have had urine tests to make sure you do not have a urinary tract infection causing the problem; if not, then you can ask your primary care doctor to check a urine test.

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One of the most common medical problems that causes polyuria is diabetes. In diabetes, the bloodstream carries excessive glucose, which ends up passing through the kidneys and carries increased water (e.g. urine) along with it. Your primary care doctor can perform a blood test to determine whether you have diabetes. Your doctor can also check your thyroid hormone level (produced by a gland in the neck); abnormal levels can cause polyuria. Another common cause of polyuria is drinking a lot of caffeine, either in coffee, soda, or energy drinks. Try eliminating caffeine from your diet and see if that helps. If you are having other symptoms, such as pelvic pain, pain during sexual intercourse, or feeling that you have to push to force urine out, you might have a problem with the muscles on the floor of your pelvis. A urologist or gynecologist should perform further testing to determine if this might be the case.

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