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"When will my gums completely heal after getting my teeth pulled for dentures?"

ZocdocAnswersWhen will my gums completely heal after getting my teeth pulled for dentures?


A week ago today (Tuesday February 22, 2011) I went and had my entire row of upper teeth removed. There was a total of fifteen teeth pulled. I was given a denture that same day. I went back the next day for a follow up appointment and was told I was healing nicely. When I got home I removed the denture to be horrified that my gums were open looking and exposed with dried black blood (24 hours after surgery). Now a week later my gums are no longer blood covered but you can still see the spaces where my teeth used to be. How long does it take for this space to completely close up and my gums to heal?


I am sorry to hear that you had to have so many teeth pulled, but I assure you that dentures are a comfortable and cosmetically pleasing result for many patients. As you have already noticed, the healing process after having teeth removed can take a while. The good news is that you have already progressed past the stage of having exposed, dried blood, which means the healing has begun. However, the space left behind by extracted teeth is quite large, and it can take weeks to months for the full healing process and filling in of those spaces to occur. Practically speaking, after a couple of weeks you should at least not be experiencing any bleeding and only minimal discomfort, if any. A source of delayed healing or complication can occur if the dentures do not fit you well. This is unlikely to occur right away, since they were specially designed for you. However, if you notice any rubbing or painful sensation with the dentures in place or if you see any new sores develop under where you have the dentures, you will need to talk to your dentist about this to see if any adjustments to your denture need to be made.

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