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"My left foot is in Numbing pain, is this serious? Should I see someone right away?"


I have an appointment on the 11th to see a podiatrist, but my leg feels like it's going numb and I have severe pain to my heel on the left side and it's radiating up my leg.


Most foot pain, although debilitating, is not life threatening. In most case, you should be able to wait for your appointment with your podiatrist. However, there are exceptions.

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For example if you have an underlying medical condition that puts you at higher risk for serious injury to the feet or ulcers or infections of the feet, such as diabetes or a neurological condition, you may want to seek urgent attention. You should also seek urgent attention if the foot is swollen or red, or if you have fever, chills, or other concerning body-wide symptoms, as all of these features could suggest an infection. Another condition that would require more urgent attention would be a fracture of the foot. In particular, if the pain that you are experiencing has suddenly worsened, or if you had a recent stumble, fall, or other trauma, then you should seek more urgent attention. On the other hand, if the pain in you foot is more chronic, then likely possibilities would include a bone spur on the heel of the foot or plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of the tissue on the sole of the foot. Both of these conditions, although painful, do not require emergency medical evaluation.

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