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"What should I do about these cold symptoms?"


In addition to my throat's pain, blood and thick yellow mucus are coming out. I also have a ringing in my right ear.


Cold symptoms are common. There are many different causes of these symptoms. While most resolve on their own, there are some causes that require medical attention.

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I would recommend you see your primary doctor as the severity of your symptoms is troubling. In addition, if symptoms last longer than one week, you should see your doctor. Colds are medically known as medically known as upper respiratory tract infections. There can be many manifestations of similar infections. In general, the throat, nose, upper airways, sinuses and ears are someway connected. Therefore, one process can cause many different. You sound like you are having throat pain and may also have some ear involvement. I would recommend you see your doctor to rule out an ear infection (otitis media). There are two major causes -- viruses and bacteria. Viruses are the far more common cause. These often last 4-7 days. Unfortunately there is no treatment for this. Symptom management is the only way to make yourself feel better. Tylenol for pain and fevers, benadryl for runny nose etc. Talk to your doctor. The other major cause is bacteria. These require antibiotics. Specifically strep throat is a bacterial cause of throat pain that requires attention. See your primary doctor.

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