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"Whats wrong with my skin?"

ZocdocAnswersWhats wrong with my skin?


Two years ago, out of no where, my throat started closing and i was having a hard time breathing, at the same time my skin started itching uncontrollably, i jumped in a cold shower, that helped the itch a bit, and made it so i was able to breathe again. ever since though i occasionally get hives all over my body. I've seen doctors that claim allergies, internal parasite, exczma, syroisis (sp?), the only thing that has worked on me is prenizone (sp?). since i can't take this long term, what is wrong with my skin and how do i fix it?


It sounds like you are having a very difficult problem, and one that has not been resolved completely thus far. While there are many things that could be causing your symptoms, the best answer is that your personal physicians will be the best ones to diagnose your condition, as they are able to review your medical history, physical exam findings, and all of your lab work. If you feel that the answers they have provided thus far are still not giving you the relief you need, then a second opinion is never a bad idea. Definitely, an allergic reaction could have some of the symptoms that you have described, such as the throat closing and the widespread itching. Also, that would explain the fact that your symptoms come and go. Some people can have allergies to very normal things, that are hard to avoid in everyday life. Allergy testing at the hands of an allergist is often a great start if that is a concern. Eczema goes hand in hand with allergies, and people who are atopic (allergies, asthma, eczema abound in these people) will have to learn to adjust and treat their eczema. A dermatologist can often help with the itching that often is associated with eczema, or with other skin conditions that cause itching. Cirrhosis can also cause itching, but there are lab tests that can usually help to tell you whether you have this or not. Finally, you are correct in saying that long term prednisone therapy is less than ideal for most people. Please, make an appointment with your doctors or seek a second opinion with one of the specialists noted above to discuss your concerns and dissatisfaction with the current treatment.

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