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"Why is it that I never feel fully awake? "


Why is it that I never feel fully awake? Even if I get a lot of sleep, which I usually do (around 15 hours a day) I still awake feeling groggy, fatigued, and even exhausted? This is becoming a serious problem as my volleyball team is suffering from my lack of performance. Please help I don’t want to feel tired anymore.


There are many reasons that you could be feeling more fatigued than usual, but you should see a physician in person to make the correct diagnosis. The fact that you are already sleeping 15 hours a day suggests that you are sleeping adequately, but there are several more issues that need to be resolved. While you don't state your age, the fact that you are on a volleyball team suggests that you are likely young and active.

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One common cause of increased fatigue among such people is infectious mononucleosis, or mono, which is also known as the "kissing disease," as it is passed often in this manner. It takes quite a while to resolve (weeks, usually), and athletes need to avoid contact for some time, as splenic rupture is a well known complication. Other possibilities, if you are older, usually, include sleep apnea. If you hear from others that you snore quite a bit and you wake in the night, or stop breathing for short spells (apneas), then you could be suffering from sleep apnea. Being overweight and having a family history of this condition would make this more likely. While you would be sleeping adequately, the quality of your sleep would be poor. Finally, there are thousands of other reasons that you could be sleepy. You should see a physician quickly, as some of them are serious, some can be treated, and a direct, in person consultation, is the only way to know which is the cause in your specific case.

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