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"what is the ear test to determine which ear is causing the vertigo (not cold water)?"


I had Meniere's 15 years ago and a endolemphantic shunt cured the vertigo but damaged my hearing over time. The vertigo is back. I am 68 year old man that has had a stuffed up sinus for two months.


First, I am sorry to hear that your vertigo has returned. It can be very disabling. For those who are not familiar, the term vertigo is best described by the sensation that the world is spinning around.

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With regards to your question, I am a bit confused about what the last part of your question means, "not cold water?" Do you mean to say the Caloric stimulation test, where you place cold or warm water in an ear and observe the way that the eyes react in response to the change in temperature? If I understand correctly, then you are right in stating that the caloric stimulation test would not be the test that would usually be used first to determine which ear is causing your vertigo. Instead, the Dix-Hallpike maneuver would be more commonly used, in part because it is very good at determining whether or not a patient has Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), which is one very common cause of vertigo. There are many other things that could be causing your vertigo, and a simple visit to a specialist would be the best start to resolving the question and finding a solution. As you mention that you have recently had an upper respiratory tract infection, it is possible that you are having a bout of acute labyrinthitis, which could be self-limited. Please make an appointment shortly, and good luck!

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