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"what kind of doctor should i see if i have excessive underarm sweating?"

ZocdocAnswerswhat kind of doctor should i see if i have excessive underarm sweating?


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Hyperhidrosis, as excessive sweating is known in medical circles, is a common and unfortunate condition that can be disabling to the people who suffer from it. Most commonly, the hands, feet and axilla are affected, although other parts of the body may also be involved. In general there is a stepwise approach to treating the condition, beginning with more conservative methods, such as topical treatments including Drysol that may be applied regularly under the arms. If that fails, more invasive measures include medications with differing side effects, all of which are aimed at decreasing sweat production. Some common side effects to some commonly used medications include dry mouth, constipation, and impotence. Up to this point, a family practice doctor would be a good place to start, with the possibility of being referred to a neurologist if the first few therapies are unsuccessful. Ultimately, however, injections and ultimately surgery are the final therapies that remain for many individuals. Botox injections in under the arms can be highly effective at decreasing sweat in that region, although they do need to be repeated every 3-12 months. Surgery generally involves some sort of procedure to severe the nerve that supplies the sweat glands of the involved area (this is commonly done through a small incision in the chest wall, after which a camera is used to guide the remainder of the surgery). All surgery does carry some risk, however, and you should make sure that this is right for you before proceeding. In short, start with your family practice doctor or a neurologist, and hope for the best. Ultimately, a thoracic surgeon will be your last good option for therapy.

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