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"Can drinking beer cause a burning sensation when urinating?"


I'm a 21 yo male and sometimes find that when I drink several beers without eating or drinking other beverages that I get a burning sensation when urinating. This seems to happen randomly and with different brands of beer. After drinking some water it usually goes away. What in the beer would cause this sort of reaction if you believe they are related?


I have to say that your complaint is a little unusual. Burning with urination (also known as dysuria) is not a common symptom after drinking beer. If your symptoms only occur with certain brands of beer, then it is possible that a certain beer ingredient that is not found in all of them is contributing.

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Perhaps beers with greater hop content are the culprits? Most of the time, dysuria is associated with a bacterial urinary tract infection. These types of infections are common in women, but are a bit unusual in young men. The major exception to this is an infection of the urethra (urine tube within the penis) with the sexually transmitted infections gonorrhea and chlamydia. If you came into my clinic with this complaint (regardless of the association with beer), I would definitely test you for these two infections. If you had certain risk factors (recent unprotected sex with a new partner), I may even treat you before getting any test results back. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. Bring with you some details about when you experience the symptoms and which types of beers they are associated with. Your doctor will probably want to get a urinalysis and probably test you for STDs just to be safe. Good luck.

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