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"How do I cure infant cradle cap?"

ZocdocAnswersHow do I cure infant cradle cap?


My baby is 6 months old and has had cradle cap since she was just a few weeks old. People have told me that it should’ve dissipated by now, but it is as bad as ever. Even with the weather warming up a bit and the heater not pumping as much dry heat through the house, her cradle cap is still pretty bad. I’ve done several home remedies and even used an anti-dandruff shampoo, but all to no effect. What should I do for my baby’s cradle cap?


It is still unclear what the underlying cause is for infant cradle cap although it is believed to be from an underlying fungal infection. It has been known to carry on for quite some time, and it is important to remember that every baby is different. It is not abnormal to still have some infant cradle cap at this time.

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It is recommended that you bring your child to their pediatrician who can better assess their medical history and presenting symptoms and decide upon the appropriate medical work up. This may include imaging or lab studies, and potentially a referral to a specialist. They may also offer some treatment options if available. You may consider certain home remedies that some people believe may work, but again, it is best if you discuss this further with your child's pediatrician.

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