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"What causes stuffed and bloody nose?"


I have some crustiness in the nose, too. What should I do?


This can be a difficult problem to deal with. a stuffed up nose is most often do to inflammation of the nasal passages. This can happen in response to an upper respiratory tract infection, or as a result of reaction to an allergy.

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Crustiness of the nose occurs when the drainage coming from the sinuses dries and becomes hard and irritating. Bloody noses can have several different causes. The most common reason they occur is trauma to the anterior nasal plexus of blood vessels. If you have dried sinus discharge in your nose and you repeatedly rub or pick your nose, this can result in bleeding. Recurrent bloody noses can also be due to blood clotting disorders. For this reason, it is important for you to bring this issue up with your doctor. I think the best physician for you to see first about this issue is your primary care physician. After a detailed history of your symptoms and a thorough physical exam, your doctor will be able to determine what is causing your stuffy nose. Perhaps simple treatment of environmental allergies can reduce the amount of swelling and discharge from your nose and protect it form bleeding. If your issues are more complex, then you may warrant referral to an ear nose and throat specialist.

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