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"I keep having stomach aches but my doctor found nothing wrong with me, do I have IBS?"

ZocdocAnswersI keep having stomach aches but my doctor found nothing wrong with me, do I have IBS?


I am a 50 year old married female. I have been experiences stomach aches, a feeling of fullness and lack of appetite for over 3 months. I had a colonoscopy and an endoscopy and nothing unusual was found. My doctor prescribed bentyl and protonix but they did not help at all. The doctor told me I probably have irritable bowel syndrome and that there is nothing much to be done for it. I do not have diarreah or constipation which is usually found with IBS so I am not sure that is my problem. My stomach hurts worse after I eat and sometimes is unbearable at night. Do you think it is really IBS or should I get another opinion? I feel like he just doesn't want to help me.


I think you should get a second opinion. While IBS is possible, you probably need more work-up first. This is because IBS is a diagnosis of exclusion, meaning that all other things must come back negative before we can say for sure that this is what it is. A colonoscopy and endoscopy are great starts of this work-up, but are not complete. These two are unable see masses outside of the bowel itself which could be causing your feelings of fullness and lack of appetite. Gall bladder stones which can be seen on ultrasound cause pain in right-upper abdomen which is worse after you eat and can be worse at night as well. This is the first thing I would want to rule out before giving you a diagnosis of IBS I should note that the lack of diarrhea and constipation does not completely rule out IBS. IBS can manifest as just abdominal discomfort. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with a different internal medicine doctor. He or she can take a more detailed history of your symptoms, perform a thorough physical exam, and take a look at the results of your work-up so far. If you have not had an abdominal CT scan or abdominal ultrasound, then you will likely need one or both of these done to look for any masses in the abdomen or gall stones which could help explain your symptoms. In addition basic blood work to look at your liver function and pancreatic function would be helpful. Good luck.

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