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"Why do my feet and hands sweat constantly?"


I am a 24 year old female. I am currently a Stay at Home Mother. All my life I have dealt with severe perspiration of my hands and feet. This happens throughout the day and appears to perspire more when I am nervous meeting people, on an interview etc. Or when people touch my hands or feet it seems as if it signals my hands and feet to immediately start to sweat. I hate shaking peoples hands and going on inteviews because its like I just put lotion on my hands. It also carries and odor on my feet. During summer months my hands and feet tend to get red splotches and itch. Can you help me?


The condition that you have is something called hyperhidrosis, which is excessive sweating of various areas of the body out of proportion to what others might experience. Hyperhidrosis often has a prominent emotional component, which you have noticed; basically the sweating is much worse when you are stressed or in an anxiety-provoking situation. Controlling hyperhidrosis starts with relatively simple methods.

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Keeping the skin clean and as dry as possible can help. Also, many people note that anxiety reducing methods, such as meditation and exercise, can help. Others notice that certain foods and dietary modifications can help; in particular, avoiding caffeine and alcohol can help. Changing your socks regularly (several times a day) will cut down on foot odor. If these methods do not work for you, then you should talk to your primary care doctor. Your doctor will probably prescribe an aluminum chloride solution. Aluminum chloride is the drying agent that is found in many antiperspirant deodorants. However, it is available in stronger prescription strengths which are used specifically to keep the hands and feet dry in cases of hyperhidrosis. Regular application of this medication should reduce the hand sweating and should also help with reducing foot odor. Talk to your primary care doctor!

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