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"How to you prevent hemeroids?"

ZocdocAnswersHow to you prevent hemeroids?


I am a 40 year old male. I have been having issues for the past 5 weeks with painful hemeroids. This started after taking some new medication. I have increased my water intake and eating more fiber. None of these seems to help. I normally treat the hemeroids with Preperation H or Tucks pads. I have also tried a warm bath and even a doughnut cushion. They eventually go away but that is after a long period of discomfort and leakage. Any information would be great as this is really affecting my life.


It sounds like you are following much of the conservative treatment advice that any doctor would offer in terms of dealing with hemorrhoids. In addition to bulking up on fiber in the diet and staying well-hydrated, you may also want to consider using stool softeners such as Docusate (Colace) to help lessen the pain associated with bowel movements as well as prevent the formation of other hemorrhoids. Additionally, try to avoid spending a long period of time on the toilet and straining with bowel movements, as these actions are thought to increase the pressure inside the gastrointestinal tract and make it easier for hemorrhoids to form. The fact that your hemorrhoids are painful means that they are external to the rectum (internal hemorrhoids are not innervated in the same way). If you continue to have problems despite following the conservative measures listed above, then you should seek further care with a colorectal or general surgeon. The surgeon should be able to identify the problematic hemorrhoid and remove it.

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