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"Why have I had a migraine for the past month every day?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy have I had a migraine for the past month every day?


I'm a 31 year old mom to an almost 3 year old girl. Every day I have been experiencing migraines. They happen in the morning and late at night. Sometimes I will have some back pain to go along with the migraines. This has been happening for the last month every single day. My daughters birthday is coming up soon, is there anything I can do to avoid having this happen on her big day? I am already taking regular headache medicine to relieve the pain.


Migraine headaches can be very disruptive to everyday life. If you think you are suffering from this kind of headache and have them often, it is important to be followed by a physician who specializes in headaches (often a neurologist). First, it is important to determine that your headaches are in fact migraines. A neurologist can take a detailed headache history which is very important in helping to diagnose different kinds of headaches. The time of day, type of headache, intensity of headache, associated symptoms, and family history can all be significant when evaluating migraines or other headaches. When it comes to treating migraine headaches, there are many different possibilities (again, however, it is important to establish that you are having migraines as not all headaches are treated in the same way). A treating physician can help adjust several different types of medication options for migraines, including medications that can help prevent you from getting these headaches, as well as medications that can be used to treat acute migraines when they occur. It is also important to know that regular use of many headache medications can itself actually cause headaches. For this reason it is best to see a physician to help manage medications and symptoms if you are suffering from regular headaches.

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