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"Why is my face twitching at the inside corner of my eyebrow?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy is my face twitching at the inside corner of my eyebrow?


I am a thirty one year old mother of three. At first I thought it was just stress causing the twitch but it hasn't stopped in two weeks. I have applied pressure to the spot , massaged the area , applied heat and warmth. Nothing seems to be working. My husband cant see the twitch but I can looking in a mirror. It's like it stops when I tell him to look. The twitch probably starts and stops about every other five to ten minutes or so. Please help me stop this ANNOYING twitch!


This sounds like a very annoying problem to have had going on for so long. There are many things that can cause minor twitching of the fine muscles of the face, but most of them would require a few more answers from you than we have currently. For the most part, minor facial twitching is caused by fatigue or other benign factors that will go away by themselves with time and more of the same things that you sound like you are already doing. A simple experiment would be to note if the twitching seems to improve after a good night's rest, or, conversely, if it gets worse after you sleep too little or poorly. Other causes of minor facial twitching include common medications, substance use or abuse (including alcohol and others) or a family history of any similar issues. It is also important to discuss if there is anything else that is happening, ie, other symptoms. Have you had any twitching in other muscle groups, changes in your thinking, numbness or tingling in other parts of your body, or muscle weakness anywhere else. These would be concerning findings that would indicate that you should see a physician quickly. And, of course, if you are ever concerned or the twitching continues, you need to see a physician in person so that they can ask all of these questions and do a physical exam and any other necessary tests.

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