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"why does my body gets the itching sensation when their is change of temperature i.e from cold to hot?"

ZocdocAnswerswhy does my body gets the itching sensation when their is change of temperature i.e from cold to hot?


i am 25 years old and whenever i am out of my house in the sun ,i start to itch my body for sometimes when i put the heater on at my home.Is their something serious about it.


Most likely the reason your body is itching is the release of the molecule histamine into your tissues. Certain immune cells called Mast cells release the histamine in response to many different stimuli. It sounds like in you, heat or sunlight is the trigger. If you get this sensation only on your skin exposed areas, then you may have a sun allergy. People with a sun allergy having itching and sometimes hives in areas of the skin that are exposed to UV light. If this is a symptom you experience when you just get exposed to heat, then you probably having a non-specific atopic reaction. What this means is that you may be a person very who's immune system is very prone to allergic reaction and changes such as skin temperature tend to set it off. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with an allergist. He or she can take a more detailed history of your symptoms and perform a thorough physical exam. Most likely, the allergist will want to do some basic blood tests to see if you have higher levels of allergy producing molecules. Hopefully the two of you can get to the bottom of this and you can get some relief.

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