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"WIll I be able to have an allergy test done on first visit?"

ZocdocAnswersWIll I be able to have an allergy test done on first visit?


I go to work every day and to have a skin condition on the face and can't be covered up is embarrassing. I feel uncomfortable. My face itches, is dry and burns. Need help. My doctor prescribed cream but the pharmacy had to order it. I tend to break out ocasionally but this time its really bad.


That is a very unfortunate condition, and it is clear that it is affecting you greatly. If your doctor is aware of the urgency of your need caused by the disabling nature of your condition, it is possible that allergy testing could be performed the same day as your initial consultation. That is, of course, working under the assumption that you do, in fact, need allergy testing, as there are many other conditions that can cause burning and itching. In order to completely be sure that allergy testing is what you need, I would recommend calling a skin doctor (dermatologist) or allergist specializing in this sort of issue and describing your condition in better detail. At that time, you can ask if there is the ability to do same day testing, or if it is not available. This will usually be on a case by case basis, as some physicians are able to offer that service, and other might not be able to. Things that will be important to describe to them include how long you have had the condition for, which parts of your body are involved, what it looks like, and any exposures that you might have had or history of allergies (since you are concerned it is an allergic reaction).

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