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"Could my sinus headaches be caused by temperature changes?"

ZocdocAnswersCould my sinus headaches be caused by temperature changes?


I’m a 21 year old college student. Over the course of this past Winter I have been having sinus headaches semi-regularly. While I do not get these headaches every week I have been getting them with enough frequency for them to become a common problem. They usually seem to start around when I wake up or at some point early in the day and they will usually last until I go to bed. It seems like I get these headaches whenever there is a significant temperature change outside, like when it goes from being 10 or 20 degrees Fahrenheit out to being around 30 or 40. I usually spend around 2 hours outside each day walking for and from school.


First, that sounds like a long time to be fighting with these headaches, and it sounds like you should see a physician to make sure that they really are sinus in origin. While it is possible that a sinus infection or inadequate drainage of your sinuses could cause this sensitivity to temperature, it is important to see a physician if you have any medical symptom that does not go away after an extended period of time. Specifically, a headache that lasts all day long almost once a week will seriously affect your quality of life, and is something that should be addressed. You don't mention what you have tried to do so far in order to treat them, but it would be important to know what has and has not helped. What you could be experiencing as pain with temperature changes could also be explained as changes in the barometric pressure, which often accompanies changes in the temperature. The slightly increased or decreased pressure of the air around you would feel significant to you if your sinuses are very sensitive because of chronic inflammation. Please follow up with your primary care doctor or an ear-nose-and throat surgeon (AKA ENT or otolaryngologist) to confirm why you are having these headaches. In the meantime, nasal saline irrigation might help if your sinuses really are to blame.

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