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"Why do my feet feel numb off and on during the day and night but they are not swollen?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do my feet feel numb off and on during the day and night but they are not swollen?


I am a 35yr old female with a health conditions such as COPD,congestive heart failure,stage 3 kidney disease, and obesity.And possible sleep apnea but have not been tested yet. For the last few months I have been feeling numbness and tingling in my feet off and on day and night no doctor has really gave me an explanation as to why this occurs. My doctor told me to sleep with pillows under my feet which does make me sleep a little better but i still get the numbness and tingling in my feet and i wake up aching all over each morning. What could be causing this?


Numbness and tingling is a sign of nerve injury. I would recommend that you discuss this with your doctor. In addition, a neurologist (a brain and nerve specialist) can be helpful to better diagnose this condition and suggest an appropriate treatment. Nerve injury is generally known as a neuropathy. There are many causes of neuropathy which should be considered. The most common is nerve compression which can occur from bone, muscle or other tissue compressing the nerve. Normally this is located to one spot so unlikely in your case. It is true that fluid caused by heart failure in your legs can cause nerve compression. It is possible that this is exacerbating the condition. That being said, there are other causes of neuropathy that should be ruled out. Some common causes of neuropathy to discuss with your doctor include: nutrional deficencies such as vitamin b12, thyroid problems, infections such as lyme disease, amyloid or multiple myeloma. The most common cause is actually uncontrolled diabetes, so ruling this out would be important. HIV is also a cause that should be tested. There are other autoimmune disease that can cause this, so an evaluation may be warranted. Finally, poorly controlled sleep apnea (elevated carbon dioxide) can possibly worsen nerve injury. Talk to your doctor.

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