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"Why do I feel dizzy all of a sudden?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I feel dizzy all of a sudden?


I am a 25 year old female in perfect health. I have been working extremely hard lately and have been stressed over some personal problems. I recently started feeling very dizzy on random occasions with a dull buzzing in my ears and then the symptoms will go away just as suddenly as it came. A quick ER check up ruled out pregnancy but discovered an elevated heart rate. Should I have a thorough evaluation or are these symptoms simply stress related?


Yes, it would be important to have a complete physical exam and consultation with a physician to make sure that you are not suffering from anything in addition to the elevated stress levels, and also to make sure that you are dealing with stress appropriately. When stress starts to impact your physical health and well being, it is important to make adjustments. A physical exam would give you some guidance, and also tell you if there is another underlying cause for your symptoms-- especially that fast heart rate that you are mentioning. Many things can make you feel dizzy. Low blood pressure, high or low blood sugar, changes to your inner ear, imbalances in your electrolytes in your body, heart problems, thyroid abnormalities, and a host of other issues can all result in dizziness. Your physician will be able to discuss your symptoms and your past medical history, then make some recommendations after ordering appropriate tests to confirm that there is nothing more serious than stress. Additionally, an otoscopic examination of your ears and perhaps a hearing test would be important to make sure that there are no obvious changes to your ears that could be playing a role, and this could be performed by an otolaryngologist (ear-nose-and throat surgeon). This perhaps should first be addressed by your primary care physician at a checkup, however. Also, don't forget that regular pap smears are recommended for women in your age bracket, and discuss other preventive health measures with your doctor at that time.

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