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"Im suffering lower abdominal pain.This pain radiates from the lower right side of my abdoman"

ZocdocAnswersIm suffering lower abdominal pain.This pain radiates from the lower right side of my abdoman


reaching up towards my ribs. It also burns down my right leg. At night it can be extremely uncomfortable, causing a numbness in my right thigh which gets to the point of extreme pain and burning. Sometimes during the day it flares and feels as though something inside is moving out of place and back in. The same feeling as though you were pregnant and the child were shifting positions. After all the shifting the lower right side is left extremely tender to the touch and mobility is limited due to pain. What could possibly cause this? Im a 47 year old woman, mother of 6. Partial Hysterectomy 7 years ago. No issues until this began about 4 months ago. Since then it happens at any given time. No meds currently


Pain in the lower right hand side of the abdomen can have several different causes. The cause that must be looked into first is appendicitis. Although you are not in the right age group, and your pain is not typical, appendicitis must by ruled out. This is because it is the one cause of pain in this area which can be very dangerous to your health. Once appendicitis has been ruled out, then your doctor should seek out other possible causes of your pain. Since your hysterectomy was only partial, you still should have an ovary in that area. Ovarian cysts can cause this type of pain. If your ovary is still attached to its connective tissue, it is possible for it to twist on itself, disrupting its blood flow, and causing pain. The latter possibility is less likely. These two possible causes can be evaluated by abdominal ultrasound and may even be done in the doctor's office. Since these possible causes fall under multiple specialties, you should first see your primary care physician. He or she can take a more detailed history of your symptoms and perform a thorough abdominal exam. Your doctor may need to order some imaging (ultrasound or CT scan) of your abdomen depending on the results of your physical exam.

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