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"What causes the white spots that I'm getting on my skin?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat causes the white spots that I'm getting on my skin?


I have these white spots on the t spot area of my face, and it itches like crazy. One doctor told me once that it was excess yeast which I thought was odd. I'm still using the cleanser that he recommended, why is it still persistent?


White spots on the skin can have several different causes. If your doctor felt that these spots on you were do to a yeast, then he may have been referring to tinea versicolor. This is a type of skin fungus (also known as a yeast) which causes the skin to turn white or sometimes red in spots. they often are not noticed until someone gets a tan which shows the spots that do not darken. I can't think of any cleansers that would clear up tinea versicolor. It requires the use of either oral or topical anti-fungal medication for it to clear up (example Lotrimin cream) With that said, the fact that they itch actually makes tinea versicolor a little less likely. Other forms of infection (including other fungi) can cause itching as well as those white spots. Without actually seeing the spots, it is impossible to narrow down the possibilities. Because your problem seems a little complex, and because the spots are on your face, I would suggest that you schedule an appointment with a dermatologist. He or she will be able to quickly diagnose your skin problem. Hopefully the answer is a simple prescription anti-fungal cream that will clear this up.

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