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"Why is it hard to keep my eyes in focus?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy is it hard to keep my eyes in focus?


I'm 27 and hit my head in a car accident 2 years ago. Since then, I've had trouble keeping my eyes in focus, especially when reading, driving, or in bright light. I was evaluated by an opthalmologist back then and no major problems were found. However, it's gotten worse over the past 2 years. Do I need to do eye training, get glasses, or . . . ? Thank you.


It sounds like you need to talk to your primary care doctor immediately. There are several possibilities, including that your eyes have simply gotten worse over the years and that this is unrelated to your car accident. In this case, you may simply need another eye examination to determine if you need glasses or contact lenses. However, there can be serious neurological problems related to car accidents and head trauma that can persist for years. What is often known as 'concussion' can become a chronic problem with headache, dizziness, and visual disturbance that persist for a long time, months to years. It is important for you to have a thorough neurological examination, which your primary care doctor can perform, to determine if any abnormalities are detected. If abnormalities are detected, you may need to see a neurologist or have neurological imaging (such as a MRI or CT scan of the head and brain). You primary care doctor will be able to counsel you on these and other options and determine whether a referral is necessary. Another common problem after a head injury is chronic headache or migraine. This may require treatment even if your primary care doctor determines that no other referral is necessary.

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