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"Is it possible to get rid of a food allergy?"


I had my tongue pierced about 4 months ago. During the healing process, I ate something that had pepper and I was unaware. My tongue looked strange with white marks. Now, from time to time when I eat certain foods or fruit, it appears. Could it be bad?


These sound like two different questions, and both of them need more information for a complete answer. First, yes, it is possible to overcome food allergies for some people who are able to tolerate more and more of a food as it is presented to them slowly in small amounts and then increased regularly. This is something that should not be done without speaking with an allergist first, as food allergies can be extremely dangerous, and more so if you have a history of anaphylactic shock in the past or are allergic to many things.

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In those cases, it is best to work closely with an allergist and avoid the offending food. Your second question about the white marks seems to be something different, and it is unlikely that this is an allergic reaction, especially if you have never had a reaction to pepper in the past. New allergies can and do develop, but it would be unusual for it to be related to your piercing. By removing the piercing and testing to see if the reaction continues to occur, you could see if the material that the piercing is made of is reacting with some food product and causing the reaction. It is also possible that the site of the piercing could be inflamed and reacting to different products. Any damage to the surface of your body can be a source of infection or inflammation that could lead to later complications. Please see a physician if this condition persists or if there are other symptoms such as pain.

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