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"I had experienced extreme stomach discomfort in my belly button - why?"

ZocdocAnswersI had experienced extreme stomach discomfort in my belly button - why?


I'm a twenty year old male from the central part of new jersey. For a long time i had experienced serious stomach pain that seemed to have started at my bellybutton. i had done some research online to see what it was. I couldn't find a solid answer so i went to the doctor and he didn't know either. i went and i had an endoscopy done and they found out that it had something to do with my smaller intestine. but the route of the pain was an ulcer that had formed on account of my acid reflux.


It is difficult to know exactly what is going on without having the results of the endoscopy to review. Definitely the ulcer is playing a role. It would be important to know what treatment you were given for this ulcer. Ulcers in the stomach or small intestine are not common in people your age, and may be related to infection with a bacteria known as Helicobacter pylori, which would have been found on the endoscopy and can be treated with antibiotics. Making sure you stay on an acid suppressing medication, such as a proton pump inhibitor, is also important. Avoiding irritating substances, such as tobacco and alcohol is also important. Your other comment, about 'finding something in the small intestine,' is also intriguing. This could have been the ulcer, if the ulcer was found in the duodenum (the first part of your small intestine). However, another common condition is celiac disease, which affects the small intestine, and is related to an allergic reaction to the gluten proteins found in wheat and related grain products. It sound like you need some good medical attention. I would suggest talking with your primary care doctor or your gastroenterologist to determine what needs to be done next.

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