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"How do you really rest a strained groin muscle that you constantly have to use?"


I'm a 28 year old guy who plays soccer and basketball regularly, and of course, I work. I can't take off work, but constantly have to go up and down stairs. How do you heal if you can't apply ice, heat, or anything while you're on the go at the work site?


Especially for active people as yourself, groin muscles undergo a significant amount of wear and tear and will occasionally cause pain. Unfortunately, as you have realized, it is difficult to manage given the constant use of the muscle. That being said, there are some strategies to apply.

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A strained groin refers to inflammation of the muscles in the area. This is often caused by mechanical damage. As such, anti-inflammatory therapies are needed. The conservative approach is "RICE"--rest, ice, compression and elevation -- all of which are hard in the groin. Avoiding strenuous activity (not playing sports) for a few days in helpful. Other anti-inflammatory therapies include medicines -- like ibuprofen or naprosyn. These can effect your kidneys, so check with your doctor, but should help reduce the inflammation. Lastly, it is important to note that there are other conditions that masquerade as groin strains. If you symptoms are not resolving I would recommend seeing you primary care doctor to have this evaluated. Hernias are common in your age group, and should be considered. Also actual bone or ligamentous damage are possible. Finally, there are important organs, including the testicles, appendix, kidneys and bladder in the area that refer pain to the groin. Talk to your primary care doctor. This is a hard problem with no satisfying answer. That being said, the body should heal on its own in ~ 7-10 days and if it is not I would recommend seeing a doctor.

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