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"I have been feeling lightheaded. What should I do?"


I am a 27 year old male with no previous health problems. In the past two weeks or so, I have been feeling lightheaded. It is only when I am standing up, and usually when I am standing still. For example: Washing my hands at the sink. It is a very minor feeling, and is not overwhelming. It also seems to come and go, and I do not notice it all the time. I feel I am overreacting and thinking about it too much, and am curious to get some input.


Lightheadedness is a concerning symptom. While hopefully and possibly nothing, I would recommend that you see your primary care doctor for an evaluation. There are certain causes of lightheadedness in your age population which should be ruled out.

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Lightheadedness can be caused by a few causes. One broad cause of this feeling is known as presyncope. Syncope is fainting, and presyncope is the act of feeling lightheaded secondary to a relative decrease in the amount of blood flow to your brain (obviously a concerning symptom). This can be caused by problems with the heart muscle, valves or rhythm. This deserves evaluation. Other causes include dehydration or infection. Dehydration can occur in many other conditions (like diabetes or blood loss) and these causes can be evaluated. Nerve problems can also cause this. Medications can also lower the blood pressure and cause this. This requires evaluation. There are other causes of lightheadedness that can cause this. Inner ear problems are common which can cause vertigo. often people feel dizzy, but lightheadedness can also occur. Rarely, brain problems like a small seizure can cause this -- but this is less likely. Talk to your doctor. If your body is not controlling the blood flow to your brain appropriately, this is a concern.

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