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"Why do I feel pain on both of my breasts?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I feel pain on both of my breasts?


I am 41 years old, mother of three with no history of breast cancer.I woke-up with painfull breast. The pain will not go away, after more then five hours have past. should I see a gynecologist or my internal medicine doctor? I am not on any type of medication, besides vitamin b-12 and vitamin D.


While there are some non-concerning causes of breast pain, there are some more serious causes that should be ruled out. While not overlying concerning, I would recommend that you discuss this with your gynecologist. The most concerning disease in any breast related complaint is breast cancer. Fortunately, breast cancer rarely present with breast pain.

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While possible, this would be unusual. Regardless, given your age an annual examination with your gynecologist or internal medicine doctor is warranted. You should also discuss if a mammogram should be done. This would not be done for diagnosis of your pain, but maybe needed for general screening. Breast pain can occur if there are skin changes or inflammation in the overlying skin (like a cellulitis or mastitis). I would recommend you thoroughly examine your breast skin. The most common cause of breast pain is functional -- this normally occurs in women cyclically. This is a result of estrogen causing swelling of the breast tissue. This normally improves with ibuprofen or other "NSAIDS." Keep in mind pregnancy does the same thing -- you should make sure you are not pregnant. Other causes of breast pain include fat necrosis -- which is damage to the fat of the breast. There are other causes. Talk to your gynecologist.

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