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"Why have I been experiencing pain in my mid-to-lower back?"


I am a fourteen year old female student. I have never had any medical conditions or allergies. For the past three days I have been experiencing pain in my middle and lower back. I also have been menstruating for the past three days. Additionally, I have been experiencing pain when I urinate. Could I have a urinary tract infection? Should I see a doctor about this?


The pains and symptoms that you have could be caused by a urinary tract infection that has spread upwards and may be infecting your kidneys. From the description you have provided, it is impossible to tell what the cause of this pain is, but it is recommended that you be evaluated by your primary care doctor who can better assess your medical history, and presenting symptoms and decide upon the appropriate work up. They may decide to send off lab tests or perform further imaging studies.

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You may also receive a referral for a specialist depending on what is found during the work up. Finally, they may decide to treat you with medications such as antibiotics depending on what they find. Your primary care doctor may start with a urine analysis to assess whether there is any signs of infection. They may send your urine for culture which usually takes a few days to get the final report, and they may decide to start antibiotics empirically to treat this. Other possible causes which are much less likely include thoracolumbar pathology although with no trauma and a young age, it is unlikely. The remainder of the differential diagnosis is beyond the scope of this discussion, but it is best to discuss it further with your primary care doctor.

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