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"Why does a recovering addict have the disease for the rest of their lives?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy does a recovering addict have the disease for the rest of their lives?


When i was 11 years old i tried drugs for my first time and fell in love with them. now i am 18 and just got out of rehab but i still feel temptations. is there any kind of hypnotist that can make my thoughts and drug dreams decrease?


Researchers believe that addiction is a disease in which the brain does not have a normal response to certain stimuli the way that most people react to the same stimulus. This can be seen in people with many types of addiction including gambling, drugs, alcohol, and sex. It is for this reason that people with addictions are considered to have the disease for their entire lives and never can partake in the addiction again without having a high risk for becoming addicted again. In terms of decreasing the thoughts and dreams associated with the drugs, it is recommended that you be evaluated by your primary care doctor. He or she will be able to best evaluate your presenting symptoms and medical history and decide upon the appropriate work up, which may include imaging studies and lab tests. Based on the type of drug addiction you have, there are certain medications that can be taken to decrease the craving for further usage. Other options are available, but it is best to discuss these with your primary care doctor as they will be able to recommend the appropriate treatment regimen based on the symptoms you are having.

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