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"I have little red bumps all over my arms, what are they?"


the bumps are red and itchy they run up the lenghth of my arms, and have been there for more than a week they dont seem to be speading but the itching is horrible at night I dont feel much in the day. I put desitin on my arms at night to soothe them it's not making it better but it's not making it worse either. It is the only thing that stops the itch


Red bumps on the skin that itch could have several different possible causes. Although multiple different types of doctors could help you with this, I think the best type of doctor for you to see about this issue is a dermatologist. In general, I like to separate the cause of red bumps causes into infective and non-infective.

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The infective causes include viral syndromes that result in a rash, a bacterial infection, and a parasite infection. Of these possibilities for your rash, I think an infection with scabies parasite should be considered first. Scabies cause small red bumps which can appear on the fingers, arms and trunk which itch extremely intensely at night (exactly consistent with your symptoms). An allergic reaction is another possible cause of a red rash which can itch badly. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with a dermatologist. He or she can take a close look at the red bumps and determine what the cause is. If it is a skin infection such as scabies, then you will require a medicated cream to get it to clear up. If it is an allergic reaction, then the doctor may need to take a more detailed history of your exposures to determine what you are allergic to.

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