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"Why do my hands shake?"


I am a 21 year old male student, and for as long as I can remember my hands have constantly been shaky. It's just a small shake, though it is noticeable and makes it hard to do tasks like taking pictures. It gets worse when I don't drink enough water, but even when I'm fully hydrated they still don't stop shaking. What are potential other problems? Could it be nutritional?


There are many possibilities to explain why your hands could be shaky. Is there anyone in your family that has similar symptoms? Does the shaking get worse when you are moving your hands or performing a task, or worse when they are at rest? These are all important things to note and should be discussed with your primary care doctor. Along with your medical history and presenting symptoms, this information will help him or her decide upon the appropriate work up.

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This may include imaging studies, lab tests or a referral to a specialist. In terms of broad categories, there are a few common causes for shaking in the hands. One option is that this is just what is normal for you. If you haven't noticed any changes throughout your life, then there is a high likelihood that this is the cause. If you have a family history of shaking in the hands, then it is possible that you have a familiar cause for this and you may consider discussing possible treatment options with your doctor. Other causes for shaking such as Parkinson's disease are less likely because of your age and description of the shaking.

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