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"My heart is racing, I am very dizzy and have heartburn. What should I do?"


I am 5'2" and am 240 pounds. I have been dieting.


Go see a doctor or call 911 immediately! When your heart is racing and you are having concerns like this that could be life threatening, you speak to a physician or see a physician ASAP. Online forums are not an appropriate venue for this sort of problem, or any problem where there is an recent change in your well being that could be serious. The concern with a racing heart is that your heart might not get enough oxygen.

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The remainder of your medical history, including your age, is very important, but the fact that you are overweight and having a racing heart does put you at an increased risk for low oxygenation of the heart, which could cause damage to the heart muscle itself. This is known as a heart attack, and is often associated with jaw or left shoulder pain, nausea, vomiting, chest tightness or discomfort, or a feeling of impending doom. Any of these are reasons to call 911 immediately. Also, as a woman, it should be noted that you are less likely to have those "classic" symptoms of a heart attack, and so you should exercise caution if there is ever any concern, as there appears to be currently. Some diet pills can make your heart race, and have even been associated with some deaths. Please speak to your physician immediately or call 911.

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