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"Why can't I get pregnant?"


I had 2 surgeries to remove severe scar tissue and to remove scar tissue from my tubes, and the doctor informed me that one of my tubes is damaged but unblocked, and the other one is somewhat blocked. But I've not conceived at all. They gave me the lupron shot for the severe period pains but I still have pain bad. How can I fix this problem?


Your situation sounds complex, and deserves the attention of an OBGYN, perhaps one that specializes in fertility. Fallopian tube scaring complicates your fertility because it will invariably make it more difficult to get pregnant, but is often unpredictable as to how much more difficult. Although you haven't mentioned this in your question, it sounds like you have endometriosis (which causes tube scaring and painful periods).

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If this is the cause, natural conception will be challenging. Anther possible cause of fallopian tube scaring is pelvic inflammatory disease which is caused by an infection. While Lupron may help with your painful periods, it will prevent you from ovulating making conception impossible. This will need to be stopped while you are trying to conceive. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your OBGYN. The first question that you need to ask is if there is an alternative to Lupron for your period pains because while you are on Lupron, you will not be able to get pregnant. Second, it should be ultimately decided by your doctor if your fallopian tubes are still viable. If they are not, then you should go forward with in vitro fertilization to get pregnant. If it decided that they are viable, then you should keep trying to get pregnant (off Lupron)

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