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"What cause floater spots in your eyes?"


I'm a 54 year old mother of two, I was diagnosed in 1995 with Sarcoidosis. The systems included the floater spots, raised large dark bumps on the skin, loss of weight and pain in the joints. How do floater spots form in the eyes and is there a natural cure for it?


Floaters are one of the most common eye complaints in the world, and most adults have at least some floaters. They are generally a benign problem and do not require treatment. The inner chamber of the eye contains a thick liquid called the vitreous.

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This liquid works to maintain the proper pressure inside the eye and also to conduct the rays of light backward toward the retina. With age, this liquid breaks down somewhat, leading to the formation of stringy deposits of collagen. These are "floaters" and they are appreciated as irregular, usually linear dark spots in the vision, caused because the deposits cast shadows backwards onto the retina. Floaters tend to be permanent, although large ones may shrink and improve somewhat over time. There is no cure for floaters, and eye doctors will generally recommend that you leave them alone. This is because they rarely impair vision and the risks and complications associated with trying to remove them usually greatly outweigh the benefits. In extreme cases, your eye doctor may consider something called a vitrectomy, where the eye's fluid is removed and replaced in an attempt to clean out the floaters. Again, this procedure is reserved only for the most advanced cases.

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