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"How do I naturally get rid of my stretch marks on my arms and stomach?"

ZocdocAnswersHow do I naturally get rid of my stretch marks on my arms and stomach?


I am a 28 year old father of one. I have gone through my ups and downs with weight gain and weight loss. When I was in high school I ballooned one summer due to lack of activity and excessive drinking and my body formed stretch marks all over it. Most of the bad ones are on my arms and stomach. I have managed to reduce the site of them by losing weight, but they never go completely away. I have tried creams and sun tanning, but to no avail they still appear sometimes even getting worse.


Unfortunately, many studies have looked into potential cures for stretch marks and to date, there does not appear to be any one wonder cure. There are various anecdotal things such as shea cream, coconut oils, and a variety of other creams that some people may say improve stretch marks. Lasers have been used with some success in the literature. Sun tanning is not a very good option because that skin will likely tan at a different rate than the surrounding skin and will stand out even further. It is recommended that you discuss these questions with a dermatologist as they will be best able to discuss any options that in their experiences have been beneficial. Again, most studies do not show that there are any good methods to improve stretch marks completely.

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