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"How come my toe is purple and oozing blood even though I hurt it 3 months ago?"

ZocdocAnswersHow come my toe is purple and oozing blood even though I hurt it 3 months ago?


Three months ago I stubbed my big toe while playing basketball. It turned blue and I could tell that there was blood behind the toenail. It hurt for a little while but then felt better. It has slowly turned purple and red and looked nasty. Lately it has been oozing out blood and looks like the toenail might fall off. Will this heal on its own or should I go see a doctor?


From your description, it is difficult to ascertain whether you have any underlying medical problems. For instance, if you have a history of diabetes, this could be very concerning because diabetics are prone to foot ulcers that start from very minor traumas. Many times, people with diabetes develop decreased sensation in their legs because of diabetic neuropathy, and they can develop foot ulcers that can eventually become necrotic and possibly require amputation. It is highly recommended that you visit your primary care doctor or endocrinologist who will best be able to evaluate your medical history, and presenting symptoms and decide upon the appropriate work up. This may include lab tests or imaging studies, or they may even refer you to a specialist. Depending on what they find, they may decide upon treatment regimens if appropriate. If you are found to have diabetes, they will likely work on aggressive blood sugar management and wound care of your toe, to avoid having it progress or get infected. It is difficult to accurately diagnose this without a clinical examination and assessment of your medical history so again it is best to be evaluated by your medical provider who can better evaluate and treat you.

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