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"What makes my wrist hurt at the end of the day?"


I am a student that uses a computer frequently. I work out moderately and am in good physical condition. I have not broken any bones or had any sprain in the past. Likewise, I am on no medication.


Wrist pain is a common condition. There are many different causes, some of which are minor and some of which require medical attention. As this appears to be interfering with your life and may worsen without intervention, I would recommend that you see your primary care doctor to have this evaluated.

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Wrist pain can be from many causes. Often, this is caused by an injury to the bones, muscles or ligaments. This can cause pain, especially with movement. Normally this is initiated by a trauma or fall, although this may not be the case. Some bone breaks subsequently cause a limitation of blood to the bone, and can cause serious problems. This should be evaluated. Another, and more likely cause, is termed a repetitive stress injury. The most common and classic of repetitive stress injuries in the wrist is carpal tunnel syndrome. This is caused by continuous use of the wrist tendons and muscles (often from typing) that cause inflammation and impinge on the nerve that supplies the wrist. This nerve feeds the thumb's side of the hand, so this area often hurts more. This should be evaluated. There are treatments for repetitive stress injuries, which include supports for your computer and splints for your wrists. Rarely, surgery is needed. Talk to your doctor.

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