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"Why am I nauseous all of the time?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy am I nauseous all of the time?


I am a 29 year old Caucasian female. I have never had children. I have no history of stomach, gallbladder, or any gastrointestinal issues. I try to eat healthy. My husband and I, along with my two stepsons just moved into a new house. We live in the desert, and I always drink plenty of water. I am nauseous literally all of the time, from the moment I wake up until I go to sleep at night. The nausea varies in severity throughout the day, but never goes away entirely. This has been going on for approximately 6 months. I have taken numerous OTC remedies and none help. The only prescription medicine that relieves it is Compazine, but even that doesn't make it go away.


Nausea is a very uncomfortable condition that can be caused by many things, and I am sorry that you have had to deal with this for so long. One common cause of nausea for such a long time is pregnancy, and it would be very important to know if you are pregnant currently. It would also be important to know if you have had any weight loss during this long period. There is so much that needs to be known before completely answering your question that you should definitely be speaking with your primary care doctor, and perhaps even a gastroenterology specialist, to make sure that something serious is not occurring. Nausea is a complex defense mechanism the body uses to cleanse itself from toxins, and often accompanies vomiting. Either can be stimulated by physical receptors (such as touching the back of your tongue), blood changes (such as too much alcohol), or brain interactions (such as seeing something gross, psychological issues, or even being too dizzy). Because all of this could be the cause for you, it is impossible to completely answer your question without more information. Please seek the advice of a physician, as nausea that persists for such a long time is both uncomfortable and also a cause for some concern.

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