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"What can I do to help alleviate RSV symptoms in my 18 week old baby?"


My baby caught rsv when he was 12 weeks old and still suffers from congestion in his lungs and wheezing. He was on a nebulizer 6 times a day but only uses it now if he starts wheezing bad. Is there anything to help him get over this faster?


RSV is unfortunately a tough infection for kids to get through. In most cases, kid's cough and wheeze quite a bit, but overall get over the infection without complication. In other circumstances, kids need to have albuterol nebulizers to reduce the constriction in their lungs and help them get through the infection.

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If your child is still wheezing, then it is possible that there is still inflammation in his lungs from the infection. If you have a strong family history of asthma, then it is also possible that this infection has unmasked a reactive lung disease that you child may have developed anyway. In certain circumstances, kids will benefit from a short course of steroids to help calm down the the inflammation. This may not be helpful now that it has been 6 weeks. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your child's pediatrician. The two of you can discuss your child's symptoms and the doctor can perform a thorough physical exam. Since it has been 6 weeks, other infections that are causing his current symptoms need to be looked into. The issue of whether steroids may help could come up, but I think that your child may be out of the window where they would be helpful.

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