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"Will having flat feet have an effect on my health as i grow older?"


It is pretty clear that i have flat feet. My question is will this effect my later on in life. I am 22 years old and have never had a problem that i can understand. I am regularly active and i never had pain. Should i be in the process of getting this fixed by wearing special shoe soles?


Having flat feet will not cause any major disability, but may need treatment sometime in the future. Patients that have a reduced arch in their foot often complain of foot pain. This is because without an arch, stress is placed on structures within the foot that are not used to having stress.

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Thus, if you are not having any pain, then your flat feet are not causing stress on those structures. This does not mean that you will not develop pain sometime down the road. If you are interested in making sure that you don't develop any pain in the future, then you should get this looked into. The first step is for you to schedule an appointment with a podiatrist. These foot specialists will be able to examine your feet and determine whether there is a deficiency in your arch. If a problem is found, then the doctor may recommend that you get fitted for custom orthotics. You may choose to forgo these at this time (because they are expensive) or may choose to give it a try. The reasons to try orthotics would be if you want to see if walking and running are easier with them. If you are truly not having any problems right now, then it may be a tough call. Good luck.

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